Winter Special

Lobster Congee 龍蝦粥 6.95Lobster Noodle Soup  龍蝦湯面 6.95Sautéed Beef In korea Style 韩式炒牛肉 10.50

Homemade Special

Chilean sea bass w. Bok Choy, tofu in black bean sauce 鼓汁银鱈鱼伴白菜豆腐 $11.99  Boiled tofu in Szechuan hot sauce 水煮辣豆腐 $10.00 Cool sesame noodle 芝麻冷面 $5.95

Special Rice Platter

Special Rice Platter

String beans w. mini pork & dried shrimps on rice  幹边四季豆飯 $6.75Korea beef w. kimchi on rice 韩式牛肉飯 $8.00Spare rib in black bean sauce on rice 鼓椒排骨飯 $6.75 10% off Expired on Nov. 15th, 2012

crispy soft shell crab with golden raisin and five spice

Crispy Soft Shell Crab


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